Theremin 100 Assets


To celebrate the centennary of the theremin, the RSO has teamed up with graphic designer Paul Sizer and thereminist Hypnotique to release the Theremin 100 brand pack.

“The theremin specifically, and Leon Theremin’s work in general, is the biggest, fattest, most important cornerstone of the whole electronic music medium. That’s where it all began”

— Dr Robert A. Moog - Electronic Music Pioneer, in Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

“Leon Theremin has touched the lives of countless musicians and scientists, and his work is a vital cornerstone of our contemporary music technology”

— Dr Albert Glinsky, Ether Music and Espionage, p.ix

Click here to download the full brand pack containing all assets.

The brand pack includes a collection of images and logos for use on websites and posters as well as copy text to use in your articles or event listings.

Whatever event you are doing to celebrate the legacy of the theremin, or the technologies that Leon Theremin went on to inspire, feel free to download and use the logos and copy lines for your posters and press, and adapt them to suit your event (Please add a design credit for Paul Sizer on larger format print).