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La Ciudad de las Ideas

  • Auditorio Metropolitano Puebla, Mexico Calle Osa Mayor S/N Zona Sin Asignacion De Nombre De Colonia 34, 73700 Puebla Mexico (map)

The Radio Science Orchestra headlines CDI 2019 in Puebla, Mexico

When you think about something epic, lots of things might come to mind: humankind on the moon, the extinction of dinosaurs, cellular regeneration, metabolism, Artificial Intelligence, eradication of intolerance, inclusion as a society defining agent, the immediacy in which we live in, ocean waves, the millimetric movements of the Solar System, the dreams that become a reality, and every single thing we simply question.

But what makes something epic? Is there something intangible and irrevocable that makes things epic? The answer is yes, and it is time itself.

It was Heidegger who analyzed: “when time is only rapidity, instantaneity and simultaneity; while the temporal, understood as historical happening, has disappeared from the existence of all people; then, just then, these questions will come as ghosts: Why? Where? And then what?”

We want you to come with us and reinvent the moon landing, celebrate once again the undefinable, watch the award-winning short-film Skin, feel the hours in space, question the validity of abortion, discover the ingenuity in children. We want you to join us and recover your ability to be amazed, to continue smiling with comedy brought all the way from Africa, and above all, to discover new definitions of what it means to be epic.

These are only a few of the things we want to share during this edition of La Ciudad de las Ideas. We invite you to live an epic experience, to feel the science, the arts, and humanities in their highest forms, to suffer others’ pain and empathize with the forefront questions. Overall, we invite you to be a part of this movement and to epically empower your minds.

Welcome to CDI 2019: This is Epic!

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